Strife Expansion


Dominion gets more warlike using this set. A central theme of Strife is Attack cards.

The set has 12 Attack cards, which account for nearly half of the cards in the set.

There are no Reactions, and although there are a few defensive cards, such as Wall and Banner, the best defense may just be a good offense.

Expanding on the Expansions

Strife is intended for experienced Dominion players who have the official expansions.

It expands on rules which were introduced in Seaside and Prosperity: Duration cards (Treaty, Banner, Siege, Gibbet, and Admiral), Victory tokens (Banner, General and Admiral), Coin tokens (Stockpile), and Play Mats (Treaty, Wall, Dungeon, Stockpile).

These cards could be played without owning the related expansions (using home-made tokens, for example), but two cards really do require expansions to play: Cannon uses Potion costs and requires Alchemy; and Prize Fight uses Prizes and requires Cornucopia.

New Rules

An overview of the new rules is provided below, or see individual card descriptions for more in-depth descriptions and examples of play.

New Rule: Simultaneous Reveal

Prize Fight and Knight use the concept of players revealing or discarding a card simultaneously from their hands. This does not happen sequentially like most reveal or discard effects. All players involved choose one of their cards in secret and then, when everyone is ready, they reveal their cards at a signal from the active player (and discard it if instructed to).

The chosen card can be placed face down on the table in front of the player to indicate that player is ready. When playing with the promotional card Stash, which has a distinctive back, some care is needed to keep the card choice secret, such as covering the chosen card with the other cards in your hand.

New Card Type: Attack-Duration

Attack-Duration cards are a new mixed card type. These cards count as both an Attack card and a Duration card (and are usually an Action, as well).

Reactions or other effects which protect against Attack cards will provide continuous protection which lasts for as long as that Attack-Duration card is in play.

It may be difficult to remember this in later turns after such a defense has been played. As a mechanism to help track this, create a token for each player. Place this token on the Attack-Duration when it is defended against as a reminder that the Attack will not affect that player. Return the token to the player when the Attack-Duration leaves play. You may need multiple such tokens in games where there are many Attack-Durations and defenses being played.

This is only needed in games using Attack-Durations and one time defenses such as Moat, or Wall. Lighthouse is a Duration, so is easier to remember that it provides ongoing defense, and other Reaction cards such as Horse Traders provide no continuous protection against the Attack (although it certainly can still be used in reaction to an Attack-Duration being played).

Future Plans

This set could have similarities with the announced "Dark Ages" set. I plan to retool this set after that release to resolve any conflicting or obsolete cards.

Printing Cards

Printable card masters are under construction.

Card Art

The card art is for the most part temporary. I would like to get donations of artwork, if there are any Dominion fans out there who would like to provide art for cards, please contact me. I'm also looking to have the 4 play mats designed - ideally as a matching series in the format of the Seaside mats.

Comments Welcome

I've had fun making these cards and playing with them. I'd like to share with other fans and see what people think. Please feel free to give general feedback on the gallery page or comment on specific cards, by clicking on the card detail links.

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