Admiral Small Card


6 Coins

+1 Victory Points

You may choose a card or token from each other player, which is in play, set aside, or on a mat. It is discarded.

At the start of your next turn, gain a Victory card costing less Coin than your total number of Victory Points.

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switch Victory card gain to relate to number of Victory Points

You get one Victory Point token when you play this.

This card allows you to force each other player to discard an item of your choice: a card in play (a Duration, typically), a set aside card, or any type of token. Your choice of item may be different for each victim.

Set aside cards may be targeted whether they are on a play mat or not, as long as they are in a game area under the control of a player. Cards in supply piles, the Trash or other such communal areas are not valid targets.

You may not look at other player's face-down cards, so although you may choose a face-down card to be discarded, it must be done without peeking.

'Discarding' a token means returning it to the appropriate pile of tokens. The amount lost is always a single unit of what that token pile represents. You can't force the loss of a 5 point Victory Point token, for example.

Orphaned Cards

It is possible to remove cards which are dependent on or modifying other cards, thereby 'orphaning' them. If this is not handled by the cards in question, the state of these orphan cards needs to be resolved, which is done by putting them into their owner's discard pile immediately.

For example, if you select a Gibbet which is being copied by a Throne Room, the Throne Room and the cards set aside by the Gibbet will go into that player's discard pile along with it. However, if you instead targeted a card set aside with Gibbet, the Gibbet would stay in play, because the state of having no set aside card is handled by the rules of the Gibbet card (and the Throne room would stay in play modifying it).


A card which protects against attacks, like Moat, can be revealed when Admiral is played and will provide protection for as long as the Admiral is in play, but since there is only an initial attack effect on other players, the defense does not need to be resolved any differently and the tracking required with other Duration-Attacks in not necessary.

Duration and Victory Card gain

On your next turn you must gain a Victory card from the Supply costing less than the number of Victory Points you have accumulated, as long as there is a Victory card available meeting that condition. All Victory Points are considered, this does not distinguish between Victory Points taken with this card and others, such as Monument.

If this card is removed from play before your next turn (by another Admiral, for example), you will not gain the Victory card.