General Small Card


5 Coins

+2 Cards

+1 Action

All players reveal their hands, and each player discards a copy of this (including you).

While this is in play, when you gain a Victory card, +1 Victory Point

initial online version

You and all other players must reveal your hands, regardless of whether anyone has a General card in hand. If you or anyone else does have a General, it is discarded. Only one needs to be discarded, even if a player has multiple copies. You gain the two cards before the reveal effect, so your newly gained cards are included in this check.

While this is in play, when you gain a Victory card by any means you get +1 Victory Point. Multiple copies of Generals are cumulative, so you would get one Victory Point per General in play.

However if you Throne Room a General, despite having played the card twice, there is still only one copy of it in play, so it would only get you one Victory Point per Victory card gained.