Messenger Small Card


3 Coins

+1 Action

Put the top card of your deck into your discard pile. Look through your discard pile, choose a card, and put it on top of your deck.

initial online version
reduced cost to 3

You must put the top card of our deck into your discard, it is not optional, nor is moving a card from your discard to the top of your deck. If your discard pile was empty before you played this, then you will put a card into your discard and then right back on top of your deck.

This card lets you look through your discard pile, something you normally are not allowed to do. You only get to look through your discard pile when you play this. You do not have to show the other players your discard pile or the card you choose to take out. After you take out your card, you can leave the cards in your discard pile in any order.