Profiteer Small Card


4 Coins

+1 Coin

Trash a card from your hand.

If you do, choose one: either gain a card from the Trash which costs up to 4 Coins more than it; or trash a card from a Supply pile.

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edited for clarity

You must trash a card from your hand if you have one. Then you may choose between the two options:

Option #1. You gain any card from the Trash, no matter who trashed it, as long as its cost is no more than 4 Coins higher than the card you trashed (or a cost 4 Coin card, if you did not have a card to trash). For example, if there were a Province in the Trash, you could gain it if you had trashed a Gold, but not if you had trashed a Silver.

You must gain a card if there is one in the Trash.

Option #2. Put the top card of any Supply pile into the Trash. This includes standard Supply piles and Kingdom Supply piles. It does not include special piles such as the Prizes from Cornucopia.