Revolutionary Small Card


5 Coins

Trash all cards in your hand.

Gain 2 cards having a total cost no greater than the total cost of the trashed cards, putting them on top of your deck in any order.

initial online version
specified 'in any order'

You must trash every card you have in your hand when you play this. Add together the costs in Coins (and Potions) of these trashed cards. This combined cost is your limit when selecting the cards you gain. You must gain exactly 2 cards, and these 2 cards must have a total cost that does not exceed that limit.

For example, if you trashed your hand containing a Curse, a Silver and 2 Estates, this would be a total cost of 7 Coins. You could mix and match to get various combinations of two cards: a Gold and a Copper; or 2 Silvers; or a cost 3 card and a cost 4 card; etc.

If you have no cards in your hand when you play this, you would have to gain 2 zero cost cards.