Knight Small Card


4 Coins

Name a card type.

Each other player discards the top card of his deck:

If it is the named type, +1 Card;

If it is not the named type, discard a card.

initial online version
Specified the three main card type choices.
Complete change of concept (old mechanic reused in Squire Card).

Clearly name one of the card types to make this choice known to the other players. It does not necessarily have to be a card type in the Supply, but does have to be a type defined in the rules (e.g. "Treasure", "Action", "Attack", etc. "Cards starting with the letter S" is not a legitimate choice).

Each player discards a card from the top of their deck, and if it is the type you named, you get +1 Card. If not, you must discard a card. Since order is important here, start with the player on your left and progress clockwise around the table.

If a card is discarded which has more than one type, all that matters is whether at least one of the types matches the type you named.